Hi, I am hoping someone can help me with completing my 2020/2021 SA CGT section. We purchased a BtL property in 2005 (between 4 of us) for £66,000 (£16,500 each). We sold it in September 2020 for £58,000 (£14,500 each), There were costs of £2,000 (£500 each). so crystallised a loss of £10,000 - or £2,500 each in 2020/2021. I wish to carry this loss into future years so wish to complete the CGT section of my SA. I have added A CG Worksheet, entered the purchase and same dates. I have added £14,500 in the "Disposal proceeds or market value" field I have added £500 in the "Incidental costs of disposal:" field I have added £16,500 in the "Cost or market value (if appropriate):" field This calculated the loss as expected. Is this all I have to do? Do I need to complete any other fields. When I come to use this loss in a future year, where do I enter this value? Thank you