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Posted Mon, 24 Jun 2024 18:03:59 GMT by Riccardo Ib
Hello, so, this April I started renting my deliverroo, Uber and just eat using substitution. My friends are working in those applications and making roughly 300 a week, for using those accounts I'm making them pay me a 50 fee. At the end of the year I will have to file my self assesment. I know those applications will declare HMRC how much money has been made in the account and the accounts are in my name. Supposing they make around 300 a week that's around 15000 a year per account which those apps will declare in my name. Out of the 15000 I'm only making 2500£ in profit. How do I write this down in a tax return? Do I just write my 2500 profit or do I have to put it as 15000- 12500 expenses??? I just wanna be liable to pay my part of the tax in my profit as if I have to pay their tax my income would go in a higher tax bracket and I'd be loosing money in allowing them to use my account. Also, they have to file a self assesment and say how much they made with my account and pay tax for it or is everything connected to my tax account? Also, do I have to name the person's I'm giving the accounts to in my self assesment?
Posted Fri, 28 Jun 2024 09:34:57 GMT by HMRC Admin 25
Hi Riccardo Ib,
You would declare the full profit and declare expenses such as wages, so that you end up with a net profit.
Please have a look at the self employment supplementary page and notes here:
Self Assessment: self-employment (short) (SA103S)
The online tax return includes the boxes on SA103S, but tailored to your needs.
Thank you. 
Posted Fri, 28 Jun 2024 13:50:54 GMT by Riccardo Ib
Technically I'm self employed sole trader, I'm not really paying them wages, I'm just forwarding the earnings they made in my account to them, also, do they need to invoice me for the amount? In the tax return do I need to say their details?
Posted Wed, 03 Jul 2024 11:22:05 GMT by HMRC Admin 5
Hi Riccardo Ib

As the earnings are in your name, you still need to include it as turnover to then deduct the expenses you are then paying over to them, hence classing it as wages. you will need to keep evidence of what shifts/payments you give to other drivers.


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