My question relates to the transitional that re the PEM countries, where i. the rolled over UK agreement incorporates the rules of origin of the EU FTA with the same country; and ii. in the EU FTA the rules of origin from the PAN EuroMed Agreement are incorporated; and iii. the third country concerned has implemented the PAN Euro Med transitional rules, Firstly, do those transitional rules apply to the UK FTA with that country or are businesses able to apply with the origin rules as they were in the original Pan Euro Med Agreement? Secondly, we are aware that the EU and a number of countries that are signatories to the Pan Euro Med Agreement are in the process of implementing an additional set of transitional rules of origin which will sit alongside the existing rules allowing importer/exporters to apply the set of rules which will be most beneficial to their supply chain circumstances. When applying the origin rules would the updated set of PEM origin rules apply or the PEM original rules which existed at the time the UK signed the FTAs?. We understand the use of the update PEM rules has been agreed between the UK and Switzerland but are you able to confirm this applies to any of the other PEM countries?