Hi, My role is at the risk of redundancy. I am applying for voluntary redundancy. Up until end of JAN 2023 my total income for 22/23 is £75095. My monthly gross Salary is £7483. Redundancy process will conclude by the end of March. For Feb and March I would earn another 7483x2 = £14966 bringing my total earning for the year to £97544. Now my employer wants to pay the Pay in Lieu of Notice (PILON) with March salary. PILON would be 2 months salary, another £14966. I am not sure how the tax would work out for a lump sum payment. It would push me over the 6 figure mark reducing my personal allowance for 22/23 but at the same time I might be out of work for a few months. Could someone please suggest what is the best way here? Should I ask my employer to pay PILON in April instead of March when new financial year starts? Keen to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Thank you.