I recently received a cheque from HMRC for a tax refund. However, as I have been living in the EU for years and no longer in the UK, I have no way of depositing a cheque with a bank. Banks in the EU have not taken cheques for some time. I am surprised that HMRC still uses this antiquated and insecure method of payment, which is apparently still common practice in the UK. Nevertheless, I am now faced with the problem - like many others - of what to do with this cheque. HMRC keep saying they can only do refunds by cheque, or if you still have a UK bank account, or someone in the UK in whose name the cheque can be made payable. Well, like a lot of people, I no longer have a UK bank account or any nominee in the UK. Quickly opening a UK bank account is unfortunately not an option either, as no UK bank will open an account if you are not a UK resident. And HMRC does not do bank transfers. Although that would be safer than sending cheques by post. This unfortunately means that HMRC cannot pay out my refund, and will therefore keep it themselves.