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Posted Wed, 23 Jun 2021 12:08:58 GMT by Pablo Rincón García
Hello! I've worked for a company in London for three months in 2020. I've worked remotely from my home in Spain for this company, without living nor having any address in the UK. I've paid taxes in the UK for those months I've work for that company, even if I wasn't living there, as well as the taxes in Spain for those three months too. As far as I know, I have to fill the P85 form to let HMRC know that I'm no longer working in the UK. But I cannot fill the form neither online nor by post code because in both cases, I'm asked for either a UK National Insurance number or a UK address, and I don't have neither of those. In my payslips, the NI number that appears is not valid. I received a "Request for information" letter from HMRC at my house in Spain, with a different NI number and a Ref number, but neither of those work as well when I try to fill the form. I also do not know if I have to fill that letter and send it over to HMRC, as it arrived on May of this year (2021) and I stopped working for this company in the UK at December 2020. Anyone could advise me or tell me what can I do? Thank you very much!
Posted Fri, 25 Jun 2021 12:42:56 GMT by HMRC Admin 9

It may be easier to send in a letter and a paper version of the form.

In your letter, ensure to advise that although you were working for a UK company none of the duties of the employment were carried out in the UK, and you are looking to claim the tax back.

Please forward the letter to:

HMRC, PAYE and Self Assessment, BX9 1AS.

Thank you. 
Posted Tue, 29 Jun 2021 21:30:00 GMT by Pablo Rincón García
Hello, So the paper version of the form would be the "Claim by post" one in this link, correct? I've tried to fill that form already but I cannot do that, as I cannot proceed without entering a UK address, which I've never had. Thank you very much!
Posted Thu, 01 Jul 2021 11:40:39 GMT by HMRC Admin 9

Please send a letter including details of your employment and the income. 

Include in the letter that you were not able to complete the form P85 as you did not have a UK address. Make sure to include the reference from the letter we issued so that we can locate your details.

The address to write to is:

Pay As You Earn 
HM Revenue and Customs 
BX9 1AS 

Thank you. 

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