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Posted Wed, 30 Nov 2022 14:53:18 GMT by nick zg99
Dear HMRC, I have few gap years which I didn't contribute NI. How can I make the voluntary NI contribution? I logged in my HMRC tax service account. No way for me to pay it. If each year I just pay one year contribution, how I can know that one year contribution will pay for the oldest gap year, not the recent gap year?
Posted Thu, 01 Dec 2022 16:06:11 GMT by Catalin Cazacu
Yeah I would be curious too. How we can pay?
Posted Fri, 09 Dec 2022 16:25:32 GMT by HMRC Admin 20
Hi nick zg99,

First it would depend where the gaps are in the record as it’s only possible at present to go back to 2012/13, from April ’23 the limit will be six years in arrerars.

Best thing to do is for the customer to call DWP Future Pension Centre 0800 731 0175 and they will advise which years are available to pay, and which years will increase the customer’s state pension entitlement.  They would then transfer the call to our National Insurance helpline to provide customer with details of how to pay (bank transfer, telephone banking).

Thank you.

Posted Fri, 09 Dec 2022 20:10:18 GMT by Gary Coombs
HMRC Admin20, You say that it is only possible to pay voluntary NIC for 2012/13 onwards, yet that is at odds with your website that says that until next April people can fill gaps for 2006/7 onwards. Is that page wrong?
Posted Mon, 12 Dec 2022 16:41:37 GMT by yli
Hi HMRC, When I login State Pension Forecast, the system already showed me which years I can pay voluntary contributions. It also showed the amount that I need to pay and the due date. I tried to call the DWP Future Pension Centre 0800 731 0175 few times. This number is always busy and I never get in even though I was on hold for more than 10 mins. The deadline of missing years contributions is April 2023. The clock is ticking. Could HMRC please advise how we can pay?
Posted Tue, 13 Dec 2022 12:39:13 GMT by HMRC Admin 10
Hi Gary Coombs
Apologies my mistake.  
Currently voluntary contributions are available back to 06/07 until April ’23, is correct.

Posted Tue, 13 Dec 2022 14:14:40 GMT by Gary Coombs
HMRC Admin 10 Thank you for clarifying as there is much debate about this, not least because DWP is apparently telling people they can only look back 6 years. KR Gary
Posted Fri, 16 Dec 2022 14:03:21 GMT by HMRC Admin 32
Hi yli,

If you have confirmed that by making Class 3 Voluntary National Insurance payments it will increase your pension you can make the payments to HMRC.

There are a few different ways in which you can make your voluntary payments. You can find all of our payment methods on this page:

Pay voluntary Class 3 National Insurance

However, whichever method of payment you use you will need an 18 digit reference from us.

To obtain this reference you will need to contact the National Insurance team. 

National Insurance: general enquiries

Thank you.
Posted Thu, 05 Jan 2023 18:59:41 GMT by rjaycee
I paid for 9 past years on 21st December 2022, how long will they be allocated to my account as my pension is due in March? thanks you
Posted Thu, 12 Jan 2023 10:51:05 GMT by HMRC Admin 19

Once you make the payment to HMRC, this needs to be manually updated to your record. The current customer waiting time for this is 16 weeks. If you have not seen a change on your account within that time, please contact the National Insurance team so they can check your record and provide you with further advice if required. 

National Insurance: general enquiries

Thank you.

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