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Posted Tue, 02 May 2023 12:24:30 GMT by
Good Afternoon Can you give me a timescale on how long tax rebates are taking to be processed please. thank you
Posted Wed, 10 May 2023 08:51:26 GMT by HMRC Admin 5

We can't give a timescale for this as it depends on a number of factors.

Thank you.
Posted Thu, 18 May 2023 18:45:11 GMT by
What are these factors? I have applied for a tax rebate on 05 April 2023 and still have not received it. Thank you.
Posted Wed, 24 May 2023 13:51:21 GMT by HMRC Admin 5
Hi Eman Hussein,

We are unable to advise of this as the checks are completed by several different departments within HMRC.

Thank you.
Posted Thu, 25 May 2023 02:27:27 GMT by
Hi I wasn’t sure where to post this but hopefully I can get my question answered. I work part time so my wage is usually around £650 per month so obviously I am not required to pay any tax. However next month I am due a one off payment because I work for the NHS and we’re due a bonus because of the new pay deal which will mean I’ll receive around £1100-1200 in my wage next month. As it’s just a one off will I be taxed at all and if so how Much? Thank you
Posted Tue, 30 May 2023 09:57:34 GMT by HMRC Admin 8
Your tax allowance is spread over the full tax year. If you receive this payment in June, that will be 1/4 of the tax year and you will be entitled to have earned 1/4 of your tax allowance during that time.
If you have earned over that for the period you will pay some 20% tax on the income.
Thank you.
Posted Wed, 28 Jun 2023 15:43:30 GMT by
Hi I got a letter from HMRC, that I’m owed over 100£ , how can I get it paid into my account? Kind regards Adela
Posted Tue, 04 Jul 2023 10:25:23 GMT by
Hi,I have a rebate that's bank pending, why is it taking so long to pay out.thanks
Posted Tue, 04 Jul 2023 14:55:46 GMT by HMRC Admin 5
Hi Adela Kucerakova

If you received a P800 tax calculation, please follow Tax overpayments and underpayments

Thank you
Posted Fri, 07 Jul 2023 18:21:52 GMT by
Hi can I get some help, my tax rebate says it was paid on the 7th of July but it said that on the 6th. Still yet to receive my money
Posted Sat, 08 Jul 2023 10:53:46 GMT by
Good morning. I got my tax refund by check but my bank doesn't accept checks. Where can I do it?
Posted Mon, 10 Jul 2023 14:34:11 GMT by HMRC Admin 5
Hi Gary Clothier

Repayments can be stopped for additional security checks, you will need to contact us to query the position Self Assessment: general enquiries

Thank you
Posted Thu, 13 Jul 2023 15:38:16 GMT by HMRC Admin 19
Hi Jacknewton26,

It can take 10 working days for the repayment to be in your account.

Thank you.
Posted Fri, 14 Jul 2023 07:39:59 GMT by
Hi I’ve been waiting for my tax refund for over a year now I was told by my agent KPMG that it will be in my account 23 June . It’s now a month past due date and I still not received my refund My mom passed away recently and I need this money to help my family. Please pay me my money . Thanks Charmaine ( previous employee in the UK)
Posted Fri, 14 Jul 2023 10:28:07 GMT by HMRC Admin 20
Hi damiantelec,

If they don't accept cheques, you can nominate someone else to receive the repayment on your behalf, or find another way to cash the cheque.

Thank you.
Posted Fri, 14 Jul 2023 22:39:09 GMT by
Hi ive been waiting on a tax repayment and have been waiting for around 2 months and unsure as to why and my annual tax calculation hasn't been done yet either, why is this??
Posted Thu, 20 Jul 2023 13:07:28 GMT by HMRC Admin 32

You will need to contact the team the refund is from.

Contact HMRC

Thank you.
Posted Thu, 20 Jul 2023 15:44:52 GMT by HMRC Admin 25
Hi Alex Ragan,
If you do not complete a Self-Assessment tax return, you will need to contact the Income Tax helpline:
Income Tax: general enquiries
Thank you. 
Posted Thu, 20 Jul 2023 18:38:55 GMT by
who do i contact and how as every number I've tried says they're not available until September and i did my self assessment early may and applied for payout next day and still had no confirmation or date i should expect the payment to come through
Posted Thu, 27 Jul 2023 13:29:59 GMT by HMRC Admin 5
Hi Alex Ragan

For Self Assessment you will need to query this online or in writing. If you click 'Ask HMRC Online' and say 'speak to an adviser' you will be put in the queue for Webchat.
You can find the link here Self Assessment: general enquiries

Thank you

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