Hi everyone, I filed my Tax Return on 14th April 2023 and on 18th April 2023 my HMRC online account updated that I owe only 94.30 but I thought I would get penalties/interest/surcharges for not paying by 31st Jan 2023. The only penalties I got was £100 for filing late. I did a questionnaire on HMRC website called "Estimate your penalty for late Self Assessment tax returns and payments" and here are the results below: Your penalty for sending the return late = £100 (paid) What you said your tax bill was = £94.30 (paid) Interest added for paying your bill late = £1.24 Penalty for paying your bill late = £4.72 Estimate of the total you owe = £200 Can anyone make sense of why HMRC hasn't added the interests to my online Gov Portal account? Thanks for reading.