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Posted Thu, 27 Jul 2023 11:18:35 GMT by HMRC Admin 5
Hi zzzooopppaaa 1979

If a repayment has been selected for additional security checks, we give you the most recent estimated timescale we have for the department doing the checks.
These timescales can change. If any further information is required you will receive a letter.
Our contact details can be found here Self Assessment: general enquiries

Thank you
Posted Sat, 29 Jul 2023 17:45:01 GMT by Darren B
Ive been waiting over 14 weeks now.last two tax rebates I owed money.come out in 72 hours.Not sure what they go through.had no response from Hmrc.I ring and they say,talk to online assistant.Which gets me nowhere.They say,you have to there’s no some reply’ looks likely it won’t be coming any time soon.
Posted Mon, 07 Aug 2023 21:38:14 GMT by Chandlerd27
Still waiting 2 years later for my tax rebate after numerous calls stating it’s gone for checks, 100s of questions asked and me giving the same answers and countless times I have been told it has been processed and it will be paid in 7 days. Does anyone have any advice I’ve seen a few in similar positions. I’m now getting interest on it but I want it in my bank not theirs.
Posted Sat, 30 Sep 2023 12:02:00 GMT by cathy624 Chiu
This is happening to our vat repayment as well. I think this government is holding back the repayments. We are seeking legal help.
Posted Sat, 30 Sep 2023 13:23:27 GMT by Lou H
Just an update for anyone struggling, after 2 long years and having to get our MP involved we have finally had our complaint escalated to tier 2 and have been told it should be resolved within the next 2/3 weeks so hoping we will have our £11000 back by Christmas, absolutely heartbreaking the financial hardship and struggle HMRC have caused us over the last 24 months. Would strongly advise asking your MP to step in as it seems to have worked for us
Posted Wed, 04 Oct 2023 14:23:57 GMT by Chandlerd27
Thanks for that Lou. I have been refreshing my feed for a while hoping to see an update from you! I have contacted my MP who is escalating this. Hopefully the complaints can be progressed as a matter of urgency.
Posted Wed, 04 Oct 2023 17:35:11 GMT by Lou H
I sincerely hope you get your money back soon. It’s an absolute disgrace isn’t it.
Posted Wed, 18 Oct 2023 23:17:11 GMT by Vincent Marren
My payment is still saying pending. From what I've gathered, it is undergoing security checks. What do they mean by security checks? I've requested it go into the same account it gives in every year so don't quite understand why they need to do some 'checks' ?
Posted Wed, 01 Nov 2023 18:40:43 GMT by Lou H
So after 2 long gruelling distressing years, hundreds of phone calls emails and letters, finally our tax refund has been completed and the cheque has been processed and is being sent out in the next week or so. With interest! Hang in there guys keep calling keep writing, get on to your mp, complain and complain and complain and just don’t give up. I thought we’d never get to this point but it looks as though we will have our money back just in time for Christmas so we can make up for all the years of suffering we’ve had to endure :) Wish you all the best and good luck!
Posted Wed, 15 Nov 2023 10:14:08 GMT by Pheel87
So I’m now waiting 29 weeks after filing my return & requesting a payment of £5,981. Lie after lie after lie, repeating myself over and over, then telling me to ring back on this date every month only to be told the same thing “extra security checks”. It doesn’t take 29 weeks to check ones details, a pack of wild monkeys could do that job. Is there even such thing as this very secretive “security team”…they’re not very good at there job if this is the case. Everything has been done by the book correctly with a legit accountant and to the tee pennies. Sort this out, it’s getting extremely embarrassing. Quick to take or want money from hard working folk but when we want our hard earned tax back…oh no. Absolute joke HMRC or…super secret security team from mars. There better be interest on this, I will take it further.

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