I have a chocolate shop that i run as sole trader, I filled 2 years online as self employed. Originally the business started as a partnership, which didnt work for us and I canceled straight away, i didnt know i would still have to file for £0 so I had a fine for £100 which I paid, and I filled the first paper copy of the self assesment for the partnership, months after i recieve more than £1000 fine, because of that again I went mad and called and said how, they said i had wrong address which is not possible... Then I file another one, extended version paper, to oficial address and on first mail was delivered. So how can one hard working individual have time to keep chasing the offices just so they don't fine me? please someone I only need that account closed I will not send anymore returns, there is £0 to report, and I have done it twice. This is unacceptable, and quite stressful since I work alone I have to stop my actual work for this. how you expect small business to survive I dont know.... I cant e maail anyone, phone call are hours to be told send it again... an answer please!