Hello Admins, I am a UK tax resident, domiciled in the UK. I have recently received a letter saying that HMRC’s information indicates I currently have (or previously had) offshore income or gains and if I have additional tax to pay, to tell HMRC using the Worldwide Disclosure Facility. This letter prompted me to realise that the investment advisor that manages my investment portfolio has matured overseas interests and overseas dividends on some of my investments. This has become clear after enquiring with them and requesting further information. Regretfully, I have been unaware of this until I received the HMRC letter, and I hope I can rectify retrospectively my position for the amounts received each tax year (from 2016 until today). The amount of overseas interest does never exceed £470 each year and the amounts of dividend is below 125£ each year. Based on this information, can you help me determine whether I have underpaid tax? If so, I would like to take steps to correct it. Am I able to submit my self-assessment tax returns retrospectively for the previous years? I have never submitted self-assessment returns before as my employment circumstances did not require it. Is there anything else that I should do? Thank you for your attention.