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Posted Tue, 03 May 2022 21:25:54 GMT by Andrew Jenkins
Hello HMRC. I had no need to submit a self assessment in 19/20. I was unaware that this would mean I would need to re-register for self assessment for the tax year 20/21. I went through the process of completing the self assessment for 20/21 online not knowing this (why the system allowed me to do this is beyond me) over a series of evenings and many hours of work. During 20/21, I also earned money from abroad as a wage, which led to additional complications regarding foreign tax credit relief that were very difficult to understand as a layman. Only on the third phone call to HMRC to discuss foreign tax credit relief (on the 28th February) was it mentioned to me that I could not submit my self assessment and would need to re-register. I am told to re-register and await confirmation, which I do so on the 28th February. By the beginning of April, I have received nothing in the post and no emails to confirm I can now submit my 100% completed online self-assessment. So, I reregister again on the 4th April and, again, nothing happens. I then call up HMRC on 5th April to discuss this and they say to wait a few days to submit my online tax return. I do as instructed, and because we pass into the next tax year my 100% completed self assessment is deleted and I have nothing to submit. I call HMRC on three or four separate occasions to discuss how to proceed and after 2 minutes of saying why I am calling and which department I need to speak with on each phone call, I am met with an automated message that says ‘we cannot assist you right now, good bye’. I try to contact HMRC via webchat but there is no one to speak to. Twitter is also not an option for something a nuanced as my situation is. I finally speak to someone at HMRC in authentication to see if she can unlock the 100% completed self assessment for 20/21, which she explains is impossible and says that I must now complete a paper form. Completing a self assessment paper form would lead to phenomenal penalties and I cannot submit an online self assessment for 20/21 as the online system will now only let me submit a self assessment for the 21/22. I have tried and tried to resolve this issue, but every step of the way HMRC have made it impossible to do so. I am contacting you today as a penultimate last resort; the last resort being to write a letter in 2022 when we have so many efficient methods of communication at our fingertips. So I ask you, what am I to do? I cannot afford to pay £1300 late fees and fill in a paper form. It is simply not an option, and that is something I find entirely unfair under such circumstances. I would really appreciate a quick response to reduce how stressed I am about all this. Many thanks for your time.
Posted Wed, 04 May 2022 14:53:07 GMT by HMRC Admin 17

As I can't access your records from this forum I can only give general advice.

Once a registration has been processed, our records will update within 72 hours to allow you to submit the return for that year.

The online system should allow you to submit a return for the last 3 years, and I would expect 20/21 to fall into that.

From the Self Assessment home page, it would try and take you to file the return for 21/22, however there should be an option
for 'more self assessment details' or 'file a return' and this would allow you to choose 20/21 from a dropdown menu in order to submit a return for that year.

Thank you.

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