Hi. I’m trying to add my JSA payments to my self assessment, but I’ve come to a slight problem. In ‘Tailor your return’ section 2, I selected ‘Yes’ for the question about receiving any UK pensions, annuities or state benefits, which I assume was correct, because JSA is a state benefit (I think). However, in the ‘Fill in your return’ part, in the section titled ‘Correct UK pensions, annuities and other state benefits (page 1)’, it asks me the amount of state pension I was entitled to receive in the year, but it won’t accept ‘0’ or even ‘0.00’ as an answer. I’m 28 years old, so I’m quite a few years away from requiring any state pension, obviously. Is there any other way to add JSA to the self-assessment, and if not, how do I answer the question about the state pension? Thanks in advance for any answers.