I closed my one man bussiness at the beginning of October 2019, My accounts were finalised and self assessment sent. This was the begining of my problems, problems which have left me under extress stress and border line suicidal. HMRC are now demanding over £1300 for late assemssent penilties that have been sent as of yesterday 9/3/2022 three times already. Repeated attemps to call the help line were to no availe due to the lines being in chaos during Covid. To add to this injustice is the fact that I"m owed over £500 due to overpaying of income tax. Im now working for barely the minimum wage so will not be paying a penny of these unjust "penaties" and will seek compensation for the stress ive been put through. I see this happens to many other people, I can only assume its a deliberate act on behalf of the authorities, hoping people will just give up a pay fines they dont own.