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Posted Sat, 08 Jul 2023 07:55:44 GMT by Ian T
It is ridiculous that living overseas I should receive two letters, at my overseas address, about the advantages of filing online... but at the end of the second letter to be told that these benefits are not available to those who live overseas.... Why shouldn't we be able to file online from overseas? Why expect us to phone for a form, when we can easily download it from the website as we have in previous years?
Posted Fri, 14 Jul 2023 08:24:54 GMT by HMRC Admin 20
Hi Ian T,

I apologise for the conflicting information.
You can contact our Self Assessment department online to request the forms
Self Assessment: general enquiries

Thank you.
Posted Sat, 15 Jul 2023 07:18:45 GMT by lkj7438
I agree with many of the posters above. It is ridiculous and very inconvenient that HMRC no longer allows us to download and print form SA100. It is bad enough that you don't allow non-residents to file taxes online, but if you are going to force us to file on paper (or pay for 3rd party software), then at least allow us to download and print the forms ourselves. Why do we need to call and request forms to be mailed to us? In many places abroad the postal service is not reliable, and it takes weeks to receive mail from the UK. I urge HMRC to allow downloading and printing form SA100 again.
Posted Tue, 18 Jul 2023 11:38:56 GMT by Claudio Garutti
Hi all, I find this Forum to be the most helpful resource of information for tax filing for non-residents, so I'm going to write down my experience here. For context, I'm a non-UK-resident, non-UK-domicile person here. Filing taxes because I get stocks that vest in the UK. I called the phone number for forms ordering (+441619308331) a few weeks ago and just received my forms (SA100, SA102 and SA109). What I received: - Form SA109 looks the same as the one online, which makes sense because there is no disclaimer on its use on the website

- the form SA102 I received was for Tax year 2019-20, which I assume it's a mistake. However, the online form has no disclaimer to its usage, like SA109, so I'm planning to go ahead and use the form available online . - the form 100 that I received looks exactly the same as the one that online is indicated as "for reference only" .

I may call again +441619308331 just to make sure they didn't do a mistake.

Email add removed .
Posted Tue, 18 Jul 2023 12:26:24 GMT by jackie
Where can I find the information to be allowed to submit my own tax return online without the need of 3rd party commercial software ? I have to send in a SA109 due to being a UK resident living abroad and I cannot see the need to use a 3rd party. My information is confidential and I do not see why I am being forced to share it with a 3rd party commercial service.
Posted Mon, 24 Jul 2023 13:52:18 GMT by HMRC Admin 19

The SA109 is not available using the HMRC software for individuals. If you are not going to use third party software you will need to contact us by webchat to request an SA100 for 2022 to 202323.

Self Assessment: general enquiries

Thank you.
Posted Tue, 25 Jul 2023 17:52:15 GMT by winglam
If I use third party software and they request me to provide the gateway user ID and password as they explained that I file the tax return myself and the password given to the software provider is to submit the return to HMRC. I don't understand why they need my password to submit the tax return, I believe the gateway ID or the UTR is sufficient to identify who has submitted the return through the commercial software. There is alwasy a warning message from the government gateway saying that you cannot disclose the user ID and passward to third party. It may be more secure to use the HMRC's self assessment to submit tax return but I need to fill in SA109 so I could not use the HMRC's self assessment. If I need to report with paper forms, does it mean that I need to contact HMRC to get all the relevant forms?
Posted Wed, 02 Aug 2023 14:13:55 GMT by HMRC Admin 5
Hi winglam

The third party software uses your Government Gateway Login details to submit the return.
If you would prefer not to provide that, you will need to contact our Self Assessment department to request the paper SA100. Our details can be found here
Self Assessment: general enquiries

Thank you
Posted Tue, 22 Aug 2023 14:23:39 GMT by G K
Hi, I am trying two methods of submission 1. Paper submission 1.1. I was sent a "Business tax assessment form" by mistake instead of a "Personal tax assessment form" 1.2. I requested SA100 and a few accompanying forms to be mailed to me 6 weeks ago 1.3. The forms have not arrived till today How can I get the forms to me correctly and ASAP? Online submission via 3rd party - I want to use 123 e-filing (one of the HMRC recommended commercial software suppliers) as recommended by user @kevin llyod - to do that, I believe I require a "Government Gateway user ID" - However, in registering for this, the online portal tells me that "The information you gave does not match our records" Is there a way I can register for the portal so I may submit online? I am stuck with both options. Could I get advice on how best to proceed quickly?
Posted Tue, 22 Aug 2023 16:47:36 GMT by HonoraryCarioca
My wife and I are resident in Chile and need to file an annual tax return (from rental income on a UK property). As a non-resident, we are not eligible for registering for self assessment (Gateway) and, from this year, we can not simply download the required paper forms. Worse, there is no effective mail service to Chile (50:50 chance of arriving and never quicker than three months). The website says that I must phone to request the required forms but that is no help, as the self assessment help line is closed and, even if they did respond and mail them to me (us), they would never arrive anyway. I tried asking this question on the self assessment chat line but that offered no solution. I appreciate that 97% of filers file on-line but the remaining 3% of us have real issues. How can we file our 2022-23 returns?
Posted Tue, 29 Aug 2023 02:58:50 GMT by Malik Zahid Hamid
Hi Kevin Lloyd - thank you for your feedback. It was the most useful of all the posts on this thread. I will try the 123 e-filing third party software. I agree with everyone else who has posted here that it is extremely frustrating the way HMRC is not accommodating overseas residents regarding filing their tax returns.
Posted Tue, 29 Aug 2023 13:39:32 GMT by HMRC Admin 19
Hi G K,

If your information is up to date and the online portal is unable to verify you, a paper return will be required.

If you still have not received the paper form click 'Ask HMRC Online' and request to speak to an adviser. You will be put in the queue for Webchat and we can issue a paper return.

Self Assessment: general enquiries

Thank you.
Posted Sun, 03 Sep 2023 10:15:03 GMT by AntonH
Dear Forum, Dear HMRC - I have found this website online with the SA100: Can we use this version of the SA100 for our paper tax return? We are outside the UK and cannot file online. Thank you
Posted Wed, 06 Sep 2023 15:00:40 GMT by HMRC Admin 10
Hi AntonH
You can
Posted Sun, 15 Oct 2023 08:13:39 GMT by Joanne
Hello everyone I am in a similar situation as you all. I live in a country where it takes 8-12 months for a a letter to arrive by normal post, sometimes never! so there is 0 hope for the SA 100 arriving for me in any case. This time last year I filled the SA100, SA109 and SA105 at the start of OCT and sent off by DHL, which takes a couple of days to reach the UK. Now, I am so confused as to what to do. I do have a gov. gateway account, but, I am not clear from the above answers if I can proceed by using a third party software for all 3 forms? Or, someone posted a link to a printable SA 100, which an admin responded to as being useable. Can I print this, fill in and send with a SA109 and SA105 then? As it seems the 3rd party route gov. gateway route doesn't always work for us overseas. Agree this is very frustrating for all of us just trying to get our returns in.
Posted Tue, 17 Oct 2023 10:46:42 GMT by Joanne
Please, admin! Do I use my personal account or not? I have two HMRC agents telling me two different things! One yet - go via the gov. gateway and verify your identity and proceed and one no - get a code in the post and use 3rd party software (have now applied for the code - when will it arrive?, they don't know)
Posted Tue, 17 Oct 2023 20:34:21 GMT by TYIP 1
Hi, I need to fill in SA109 but there is no online version, therefore I download and print SA100, SA103, SA109 from website, filled in all the printed forms and submitted to HRMC by post already. Would HMRC treat this as valid submission of tax return 22-23? Do I need to submit SA100, SA103 online again?
Posted Sat, 21 Oct 2023 13:51:06 GMT by Joanne
Hi TYIP I would recommend having a chat with an HMRC agent - I finally got through to one who was helpful and advised me on my return and how to proceed with my case. (ask HMRC online) Best of luck.
Posted Wed, 25 Oct 2023 07:37:07 GMT by HMRC Admin 25
Hi Joanne,
You would need to use 3rd party commercial software to file your Self Assessment tax return online.
You can contact HMRC to send a paper tax return to you:
Self Assessment: general enquiries
From 17 October to 31 October you can print the paper for reference only tax return and submit.
How to complete your tax return for Self Assessment
Thank you. 

Posted Wed, 25 Oct 2023 16:52:09 GMT by HMRC Admin 25
Hi TYIP 1,
No, this would be a valid submission.
The SA109 can only be done online if you use 3rd party software that you need to buy.
Thank you. 


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