I completed my SA on 9th May and am owed a 5 figure claim. The website says you get paid within several weeks. However, I (foolishly - as it turned out) waited until end June to query the status to be told that the payment was held up owing to some checks. I rang the hotline and waited 40 minutes to speak to an operative who told me this. They said it could take up to 4 weeks for me to hear from them formally. I politely requested if it could be expedited or certainly I could be guided on what further information I need to provide, if that's necessary - so I could help the process myself. I've heard nothing and nil in writing as I was advised. I rang again mid July and got similar feedback and this time was told that an extra email was going to be sent to try and help. Here I am on 27th August and still no reply. This is despite highlighting to HMRC that this is putting my family under huge financial pressure, not least we were expecting the refund in May. I don't believe this forum existed, so hoping this may find someone in HMRC that can help? It's a huge flaw that HMRC doesn't email and the hotlines just don't appear reliable or connected to the relevant department. I'll post back here when the matter is resolved. I hope others don't suffer similar and sharing to warn in case.