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Posted Wed, 25 Jan 2023 13:56:20 GMT by Mash69
Good Afternoon Folks, I have never used this forum before, so this is my first post. So hello everyone - I hope everyone is well, and I was going to say and "happy" but I don't know if it is just me but I only find myself here due to unhappiness, anxiety and depression (as per handle). I'm Scottish from Glasgow, 49, married to a part-time nurse and have 2 young daughters, the eldest has autism and a rare genetic disorder. I work PAYE for the best UK bank. I was worked for the bank since 2012 as a full time employee. I got a letter saying that I needed to submit a self-assessment. I have always worked PAYE. I phone them, as you will all know that it takes hours to get thru to get passed to another advisor in another team, then when I mentioned I had mental health problems they hung up on me ( Cheers James?) I phoned again the following day and spoke to an advisor and he/she said that I have been fined £700 for not submitting a self-assessment for 2017-2018. I cannae remember what I had for dinner yesterday never mind; remember what I had for my dinner last night. So I was looking for some advice/help/assistance/ act of kindness in a cruel world. Basically I am trying to find out what level of information on financials from 2017 -2018 to complete the paper based self assessment form? I have never completed one of these, so any help is really appreciated as I am at the end of my tether, the chaned my tax code in December and took money off my January pay. Everyone reading will understand witth everything increasing in costs. The impact of any loss of pay has a significant negative impact. I was off sick and got full pay for 6 months, then this went to half pay after 6 months. I was ill and got means tested Employment support allowance. This is the reason I needto complete this SA. If anyone could advise what financial data do I need to complete the SA. I hope this makes some sort of sense as my head is no good with anxiety and unwanted thoughts. Kindest Regards Mash69 ;-(
Posted Thu, 26 Jan 2023 09:19:44 GMT by Mash69
Any help appreciated at end of tether please?
Posted Fri, 27 Jan 2023 14:18:43 GMT by HMRC Admin 20
Hi Mash69

When completing the tax return, you need to enter details of any taxable income that you received during the year.
This would include any employment income, tax paid during the year and amount of any taxable benefits.
If you do not have this information, you can request the details from your employer and DWP.

Thank you.
Posted Wed, 01 Feb 2023 06:31:15 GMT by Mash69
I was ill with mental health problems, is this not taken in to consideration? This is making me ill again. I had ESA another year, this is detailed on the following year and I never done a self assessment. I don't understand this and have no records or recollection. Please advise? Thanks
Posted Fri, 03 Feb 2023 14:30:01 GMT by HMRC Admin 30

At this point we are unable to cancel returns as far back as this, if you need support with completing the tax return please contact our helpline

Please find guidance here

Self Assessment: general enquiries

Thank you. 

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