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Posted Thu, 08 Jun 2023 23:05:41 GMT by Jon Daniel
I moved to the UK in February 2023 on a spousal visa. At the end of May 2022, I retired from my job in Hong Kong. I received an ORSO pension payment in July 2023 and transferred the money into my UK bank account. I also sold my apartment in Hong Kong which was the only property I owned (my residence ) and transferred the money to my UK bank account. I earned approximately £1900 interest from the money I transferred to the UK. During the past tax year I stayed for a combined 209 days in the UK, entering on a tourist visa. My questions are : Must I fill out a tax return for last year? If so, what type, Self Assessment? Will I be taxed on my Hong Kong pension? Will I be taxed on the money I received from the sale of my property? Thank you.
Posted Tue, 13 Jun 2023 12:36:52 GMT by HMRC Admin 32

On the basis of the information provided, you would not be required to complete a 2023 tax return. As a UK resident in the 2023/24 tax year, you will however be required to declare your HK pension  in in a 2024 Self Assessment tax return.

Tax on foreign income

You will also have to declare the UK interest of £1900. You can check if you qualify for Private Residence Relief on the sale of your HK home by using the HMRC calculator.

Work out tax relief when you sell your home                    

Thank you.
Posted Tue, 13 Jun 2023 13:57:58 GMT by Jon Daniel
Thank you for your reply "Admin 32" Given that Hong Kong and the UK have a Double Taxation Agreement, I am trying to establish if I will be taxed on my Hong Kong ORSO (Occupational Retirement Scheme) Pension Fund. The Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department does not tax ORSO or MPF's (Mandatory Provident Fund). Article 17 of the Double Taxation agreement states that Pensions are taxable by the "first -mentioned party". My question is : Will HMRC tax me on my Hong Kong Pension?
Posted Thu, 15 Jun 2023 12:03:54 GMT by HMRC Admin 8
Under Article 17 of the DTA with Hong Kong, the pension should only be declared in Hong Kong so no UK tax will be due.
Thank you.
Posted Sat, 29 Jul 2023 13:45:55 GMT by Samson
Am I correct in understanding that Hong Kong pension is not required to be declared in UK Self Assessment tax return, despite your earlier statement that it should only be declared in Hong Kong?
Posted Fri, 04 Aug 2023 09:43:22 GMT by HMRC Admin 25
Hi Samson,
Your pension should not be declared on the Foreign Income page.
But, it should be noted in the additional information section that you have this and it is exempt under Article 17 of the DTA.
Thank you. 

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