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Posted Sun, 04 Jul 2021 14:27:55 GMT by Stephen Hayes
Hello - I am renewing tax credits online but cannot work out where to put the pension contributions deduction (private pension not work related). I see the page covering "other income" where you can input any private pension income and bank interest etc, but where is the page to input deductions such as pension contributions? If I leave it out, then the final figure that goes to the tax credit office will not take into account the pension contributions made so the income figure used to calculate tax credits will be too high. Thanks
Posted Wed, 07 Jul 2021 13:26:09 GMT by HMRC Admin 26

You should deduct the pension contributions from the income and declare that figure in the income box.
This link may be useful:

Tax credits: income working sheet (TC825)

Thank you
Posted Wed, 07 Jul 2021 13:34:53 GMT by Stephen Hayes
Thanks. I have no income but my wife does. Should I deduct it from her income even though it will look odd? My pension contribution is larger than her income, so her income figure will go down to "0". Is that what I should do? Thanks
Posted Wed, 07 Jul 2021 13:53:43 GMT by Stephen Hayes
Hello again. I forgot to say - I have other income in the form of bank interest. Can I deduct the pension contributions from this bank interest, rather than from my wife's income? It just looks odd to declare my wife's income as "0" when that is not true. I ask because TC825 refers to deducting the pension contribution "from the boxes in the order they appear in the form", and in the online form employment income comes before "other income" so that suggest I should deduct from my wife's income. Or does it not matter where I make the deduction? Thanks
Posted Mon, 12 Jul 2021 08:12:40 GMT by HMRC Admin 9

The pension contributions cannot be deducted from your wife's earnings. 

Thank you. 
Posted Mon, 12 Jul 2021 11:03:36 GMT by Stephen Hayes
Thanks for the reply, but I am not sure if that is correct. TC825 page 3 at the bottom has an example of a husband's self employment loss being deducted from the wife's employment income. Also TC825 on page 3 sets out how to calculate total reliefs/losses, and they are all treated as one basket of losses regardless of whether it is pension contributions or trading losses etc. So you calculate the total losses/reliefs and then start deducting those losses/reliefs from the income boxes in the order that they appear in the form. The first "income box" that appears is my wife's self employment income (I have no job income). Next "income box" to appear is our "other income". Personally I don't care from which of these boxes I make the deduction, I just want to get it right. Thanks
Posted Fri, 16 Jul 2021 11:52:09 GMT by Stephen Hayes
Hello - I look forward to hearing from you as the tax credit renewal date is fast approaching at the end of the month. Thanks

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