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Posted Sun, 25 Sep 2022 17:43:11 GMT by Paul Garrett
After making my claim on 3rd May 2022, and receiving no acknowledgement or response from HMRC, I refused to be a hostage to wasteful emails or pointless and fruitless telephone calls. This is a route I chose not to take. Instead, on 8th August, I contacted my local M.P., setting out the facts, and the recently received case no, belatedly issued by HMRC. The result of the intervention by my M.P. was swift. I duly received a letter from HMRC dated 26th August confirming my claim would be paid in full, and without question. My bank account was credited with some £36,000 in the 1st/2nd week in September. A good and positive result. I will now unsubscribe from this useful Forum. Signed: Paul Garrett in Herefordshire
Posted Wed, 28 Sep 2022 07:05:23 GMT by Mark Baker
I am also going through the same nightmare as so many that have posted on this forum - the behaviour of this department is deplorable! HMRC must be held accountable for this gross failure; we fellow self-builders need our VAT reclaims assessed and paid within the timescales published
Posted Tue, 04 Oct 2022 12:54:32 GMT by David Smith
Anyone else been misinformed about their claim ? Spoke to self build team last week, was told my claim was just awaiting final authorisation signature, would have the money by the end of last week. Phoned them today, they denying I was told that, absolutely fuming ,apparently the person that spoke to me did not work for the self build dept ? what an awful service this is ! really expect better from the HMRC 7 months now .....
Posted Mon, 31 Oct 2022 08:53:04 GMT by Grahameinoz
Hi, I have tried to ring many times and always get cut off after the messages. I know there are delays but I would at least like to know that you have received my claim and will deal with it at some point. A rough guess as to timescales would also be appreciated. I have proof of delivery from nine weeks ago. Thanks
Posted Mon, 31 Oct 2022 10:24:21 GMT by rickguy71
Hi all, seems we are all in the same boat in having disgracefully long delays from HMRC in refunding the VAT for self builds. Im at 13 weeks and counting.... Has anyone had any success in actually escalating this? I have emailed my local MP (beaconsfield) who in turn has taken it up with the MD of HMRC. We were told we would get a formal response to my case last friday - 28th -unsurprisingly nothing received. Are there any grounds for a class action law suit ? Any lawyers amongst us who could share their views? Are there any grounds to claim compensation for the delays, I think there are if delays from HMRC to corporate entities ?
Posted Mon, 31 Oct 2022 12:37:13 GMT by ClaireO
Just to help others in the same situation.My claim was submitted in April 2022. Luckily I sent my claim via recorded delivery so I knew it had been received as I didn’t receive acknowledgment via text until August. I wrote to my MP in September for help and last week I received a letter from HMRC with my reference number. It stated that they would try to deal with my claim within the next 6 weeks, however it may take longer. If it is successful then a refund would be sent within 4 weeks. I’ll keep this forum updated.
Posted Mon, 31 Oct 2022 14:18:54 GMT by HMRC Admin 17
Apologies for the long delays. The DIY Team are currently working on applications sent in March 2022.

Thank you.
Posted Mon, 31 Oct 2022 14:19:18 GMT by Jac McDiarmid
I'm following the latest posts with interest re timescale of receiving acknowledgement that claims have been received and then receiving payments. My paperwork was sent off by recorded delivery end of August. No acknowledgement so far. I'll give it to the end of this week and if still nothing, I'll print out the postings on this Forum and send with my plea of ' please help' to my MP. I also may send an invoice to HMRC requesting interest of unpaid claim. What a ridiculous situation we are in through no fault of our own making.
Posted Mon, 31 Oct 2022 14:21:53 GMT by HMRC Admin 17

Apologies for the long delays.The DIY Team are currently working on applications sent in March 2022.

Thank you.

Posted Mon, 31 Oct 2022 16:58:21 GMT by Meee
Blimey - I submitted mine on 28th June 2022 - I got text acknowldgement 4th August 2022 saying & are short staffed so claims will take more time. I phoned on 21/10/2022 and got my Ref but the chappie "knew nothing" about progress. - perhaps I should complain ? After all, we all have service bills & food to buy..............
Posted Tue, 01 Nov 2022 10:15:52 GMT by Jac McDiarmid
I still can’t believe just how long the claims are taking to be processed. Given the response from the DIY team yesterday, that the backlog goes back to March, I’m sighing as I have longer to wait than I thought. My paperwork was sent end of September not August as my bad memory had informed me. I do actually have sympathy for the souls who are working through our claims. I trust senior level are supporting them and attempting to resolve a bad situation for all concerned. It’s a reality that we, the claimants, are dealing with bills which must be paid by a certain date. No ifs, no buts, no sad stories accepted. Kind of ironic really as we wait on HMRC…..etc etc.
Posted Wed, 02 Nov 2022 12:02:34 GMT by Gemmacade92
Every time I have phoned in the last 4 months I have been told they are working on March 2022 submissions. I sent mine in March and received confirmation text 5th May - still waiting.
Posted Wed, 02 Nov 2022 15:20:15 GMT by oldsteel
I submitted on 15th September and it was signed for. Heard nothing since, not unusual looking at prevous posts. Anyway I called the "helpline" number today to find out just whether it is received OK. We put hours of work in to the submission, and it would be nice to get just an automated acknowledgement rather than see it disappear into a black hole. It seems the phone menu may have changed, the first question (after the usual 'volumes are higher than usual' statement - which it seems is common to every customer service line) is 'Press 1 if you have a claim number, 2 if you havent'. I pressed 2 and was effectively disconnected after a message that said they couldn't help me. I wonder how many claims they are dealing with and how many staff they have? Maybe an FOI request would be interesting.
Posted Fri, 04 Nov 2022 10:31:15 GMT by rickguy71
I just managed to get through to them after a 40 minute wait on the line. As I was told 5 weeks ago, HMRC claim to be working on files from March 22. The operative told me they have 2090 files to work through and are processing 4 a day..... He said there is a process for claiming compensation on the delays which by my estimates are running at 8 months. We need to formally write to HMRC, Customer Service, National DIY Team, Newcastle , N98 1ZZ. I am awaiting feedback from my accountant to establish how a compensation figure is arrived at. I will update once I know.
Posted Fri, 04 Nov 2022 18:03:33 GMT by Jac McDiarmid
In response to rickguy71. That is quite appalling and very disappointing to hear. I, certainly, wait to hear your update. Thank you.
Posted Mon, 14 Nov 2022 11:01:09 GMT by 117timk
Submitted my claim in July 2022. Text confirming receipt in August 2022. Heard nothing since. 6 weeks response time per website is a joke! Phone number never gets answered. Is there a repayment supplement for late repayment or a means to offset personal tax liability against claim? Not impressed...
Posted Mon, 14 Nov 2022 14:19:01 GMT by HMRC Admin 17

I'm sorry to hear you are waiting so long for this .

The DIY Team are currently working on applications from April 2022 .

Thank you.
Posted Wed, 30 Nov 2022 17:09:46 GMT by Karla
I find the whole thing an absolute joke! Sent off in August. Not even acknowledgement to inform me that the application has been received. All that paperwork which to us is worth so much money value and we don't even know that they have it. I tryed calling the helpline 5 day's a week for 2 weeks now on my half hour lunch break(as I work full time and pay all my taxes might I add) and not once have I got threw to anyone. Its a joke. If your running behind on applications then update your website as it states 6 weeks, giving everyone false hope of getting their own money back to pay off there bills.
Posted Mon, 12 Dec 2022 12:41:30 GMT by N H
Hi 1.Can someone form HMRC please inform me what months applications you are currently working on and timescales? 2. Also I have spoken with one of your agents this morning (working from home happily crunching crisps down the phone line) who couldn’t even tell me when there my application has been recieved. Can you tell me why the applications cannot be logged upon receipt so we do not have to waste everyone’s time chasing only to be told, ring back next week? This is not acceptable. I only want to ensure that my parcel has arrived safely in your office. Thanks
Posted Mon, 12 Dec 2022 16:16:22 GMT by HMRC Admin 10
Hi Natalie
The DIY Team are currently working on applications received in June.
I'm sorry about the vague information you were given over the phone.
I would recommend speaking to the DIY Line again about this to see if the Team can confirm receipt of your application.

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