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Posted Tue, 04 Aug 2020 10:33:09 GMT by Megan H
Hi All, Not self employed but I have been asked to submit the SA form as I hit certain criteria through my employment. The company I work gives additional benefits to salary e.g. private healthcare & a car allowance but taxes absolutely everything at source so there is no P11D form created (and won't be supplied by my company). I phoned up and was told by an agent that I need to circumvent the IT system a little which I'm not happy with - in essence I've been told as everything is taxed at source then I have just to supply amount earned & amount taxed - but in order to do so i've to click "No" to receiving a car allowance/benefit and "No" to receiving private healthcare.... the problem being that I do, but they are both automatically taxed at source and the system doesn't offer this an an option when trying to submit the SA form. Filling these in asks for amounts which I don't have access to - it also assumes tax hasn't been paid on this which it has. Is anyone else in the same situation? Can someone help or point me in the direction of some written documentation stating that's what I need to do when everything is taxed at source? thanks in advance!
Posted Tue, 04 Aug 2020 15:50:22 GMT by HMRC Admin 8
Hi Megan,
The advise you have been given previously is correct, however probably worded wrong which is making you doubtful.
When your employer gives you benefits such as your car and healthcare they can either give you a P11d form or put the cash equivelant of those benefits through your payroll.
Your employer is taking the second option which is why you pay tax already on these.
The amounts of the benefits and the tax paid is accounted for on your P60 certificate and included in the total pay and tax for the year.
You are, therefore, not circumventing the system by not stating that you are in receipt of these benefits.
The amounts do not need entered in another section or they would be added to the amount of pay in your P60 and tax charged again on them.
If, however your employer chose to give you a P11d the benefit amounts are put through your tax code, reducing your tax code and resulting in you paying tax through your wages (the impact is the same).
In this instance you would need to include them as separate entries on the employment pages within the return so that they could be taken into account in the calculation to make sure that the correct tax was deducted.
I hope this makes the advice you were given a bit clearer.

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