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Q: I am a Start-up & have registered for VAT and below the threshold at point of the Return but will be above the threshold in future (I have not asked to de-register), do I not need to submit?

A: If the registration threshold has not been exceeded and you have applied for voluntary registration, then you must account for vat on any taxable supplies that are made from your date of registration onwards, and all returns have to be submitted from your date of registration when issued

Q: Is it right that all I need to do is complete the boxes on my VAT return? Do I need to send support documents as well? If so, how is it done?

A: You are right. If we want to see the records we would usually arrange a visit VAT Visit Inspections

Q: What is the submission/payment deadline if I am on a monthly scheme?

A: If on monthly VAT returns you have 1 month and 7 days from the period end date to submit and pay electronically.

Q: What happens if I am late completing the quarterly VAT return?

A:If you are late with your VAT return (no matter how late) there is a possibility that you will incur a default surcharge. Whether there is a monetary penalty will depend on how many times you have been late. For further information, see Vat Notice 700/50: Default Surcharge

Q: If I have set up a direct debit do I still have to pay by the 7th?

A: If you set up a direct debit you still have to submit by the 7th and your direct debit will be taken 3 working days afterwards.

Q: So once I’ve set up the direct debit, will the payments automatically get taken on time, or do I need to do something else after submitting my VAT return?

A: Once a direct debit is set up in time, then any returns that are submitted will activate this and the payment will be taken by this method, you do not need to do anything else. When you submit your return online it will state that the payment will be taken by direct debit and the date if this has been activated

Q: I use the fuel scale charge method of reclaiming vat on fuel. When I submit the VAT return I get a message saying the amount of vat is higher than expected. Is this because of the FSC?

A: You may have received a message because if all your outputs are standard-rated, the total in box 1 should be 20% of the total in box 6. These are the boxes on which you declare any fuel scale charges. For further information, see VAT Notice 700/12: How to fill in and submit your VAT return

Q: Is it right that EC acquisitions can be shown as output tax and input tax?

A: If the supplier has not charged VAT because they have evidence you are VAT registered, you then add the VAT to the purchase price and claim as input tax, but then claim as output tax as well to cancel out. For further information, see VAT imports acquisitions and purchases from abroad
also this page includes link to a mini recorded webinar you may find useful: Help and support for international trade

Q: Box 4 VAT on purchases - can this include subsistence, mileage?

A: It can but you will need to ensure that the conditions for claiming input tax are actually met. For further information, see VAT Notice 700: The VAT guide

Q: Do I enter the total input sales in Box 7 for purchases made before registration?

A: If you are claiming back VAT on preregistration goods then yes, you must have a figure in box 7 as well as box 4.

Q: Should I include services within the EU in box 8 and 9?

A: Box 8 & 9 are for sale and purchase of goods only VAT Notice 700/12 section 4: Filling in the return...ou use a VAT Accounting Scheme

Q: If I made an error in a previous VAT return, how do I correct it?

A: It depends on the size of the error.If under £10,000 a direct adjustment can be done,whereas if over £10,000 this will need to be done as a VAT 652 Voluntary disclosure.Please see public notice 700/45 on correcting errors which will advise further

Q: I have paid VAT with incorrect rate for last two periods, how do I correct it?

A: This will depend upon the value of the error. For further information, see VAT Notice 700/45: How to correct VAT errors and make adjustments or claims