You will receive your Self Assessment tax bill after you have filed your tax return.

If you filed online you can view your bill:

  • before you submit your completed tax return in the View your calculation section, or

  • after you have submitted in your final tax calculation - it can take up to 72 hours for this to become available in your online account.

You will receive your bill by post if you completed a paper return.

Your bill will include the tax you owe for the last tax year, this is called a balancing payment.

If this is more than £1,000, your bill will usually include an additional payment towards next year’s bill and this is known as a payment on account .

You will need to deduct any payments on account you made last year to work out how much you owe. You can log in to your account.

You can also get evidence of your earnings for the last 4 years or a tax year overview for any year. For more guidance on this see the link below.

Get your SA302 tax calculation