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  • Tax Free Childcare

    My son is 2 years old and about to start at Nursery School. I will be paying for 15 hours/week (possibly rising to 30, based on this question!) I have been told I may be eligible for tax-free childcare such that the government will pay 20% of the childcare costs. However, my wife does not work. She is also on a British Residency Permit and has no access to public funds. This seems to indicate, from my reading of the guidance that I may not be eligible for this government subsidy. Can someone confirm whether I am eligible for tax-free childcare with these circumstances. Thank you!
  • Child Benefit

    I recently returned from Vietnam and am earning 50,000 per annum. I have 2 children. I want to apply for Child Benefit and the guidance states if you earn over 50,000. Does this mean I do not need to go to self-assessment? Also, I make contributions to a company pension, does this deduct from my salary? Thereby taking it below 50,000 and meaning I don't need to do self-assessment? Thanks for any advice!
  • Declaration of Trust vs. Gifting

    (Thank you in advance for any advice) I have owned a 1-bedroom property since 1999, it is now mortgage free. In 2017 I married my wife, we have now had 2 sons. I want to use a declaration of trust to ensure that my wife and my sons receive any benefit from a sale or rental income. We are about to rent the property and need as much of the rental income to pay for the much bigger property we are renting, Also I am a higher rate tax payer whereas my wife does not work. We have had a declaration of trust drafted (due to the ease of doing this) that states: 'The Trustee (ME) declares that as from the date of this deed he will hold the Property, the net proceeds of sale and the net rents and profits until sale thereof upon trust solely and absolutely for the Beneficiary (MY WIFE).' Will this satisfy HMRC and protect us from accusations of tax evasion? Would it be better to just gift my wife the entire property through a conveyancing solicitor?