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  • Self-assessment 2021/2022- Missed?

    Hi I arrived in the UK on 2 Oct 2021, and stayed in AirBnB till 6 Nov 2021. I’ve rented a place to live which is my only home since 7 Nov 2021. I have started to work since 11 Oct 2021. Q1. Which date: 2 Oct, 11 Oct or 7 Nov I became UK resident? I am fully employed and pay tax as PAYE, subject to basic rate, pay 20% income tax. I have received very small amount of interest from non-UK bank which say was less than £10 during tax year 2021/2022. I sold US stock (thu a non UK bank) in tax year 2021/2022 and have capital gain which was not exceed the 2021/2022 allowance £12300. Q2. May I check if I need to send a self-assessment tax return? Q3. If yes, I missed self assessment deadline. What can I do? How can I submit the tax return 2021/2022 online?
  • RE: Missing National insurance record

    Hi I moved to UK since Oct 2021 and I have been employed since Oct 2021, and tax and National Insurance were deducted from my salary accordingly. Why HMRC records shown 'no NI contribution' in 2021/2022, and no record of my tax payment in 2021/2022? and no record of me being employed?
  • RE: HMRC writing to a person not resident to address

    I have the same issue....received the HMRC letterS to someone not at my address for years. I have returned the letterS several times, but still receiving. Pls help to update your record. 

    [Personal information removed - HMRC Admin]