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  • RE: Submitting a nil self-assessment tax return

    So, I managed to get through to HMRC on the phone, and it seems my former accountants didn't inform me that the SA request could actually be withdrawn, with no need to submit a nil return, which has now been carried out. @Gusman1859 - I hope you find a solution! Thanks for your help. Chris
  • RE: Submitting a nil self-assessment tax return

    Hi there - thanks for getting back to me on this. Within the Government Gateway itself it is asking me to submit a tax return for 2021/22. I would like to continue paying voluntary Class 2 NI contributions moving forward- I don't know if that impacts things? Thanks, 
  • Submitting a nil self-assessment tax return

    Hi there, I left the UK in Aug 2020. My 2020/21 self-assessment return, which was submitted by my then accountants, informed HMRC of the changes. However, the online service indicates that a tax return is expected to be submitted for 2021/22, even though I'm no longer resident with no UK-based income. I was informed by the accountants that I must submit a 'nil return' to HMRC for 2021/22. However, it states that non-residents cannot use the online system and must use software instead. They have offered to do it for me for £100, which seems a lot, and so I was wondering if anyone can advise me on submitting a 'nil return'? How do I go about doing it myself? Do I have to purchase and use software for this? Thanks in advance for your help.