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  • RE: Foreign Shares - Income and capital gains taxes

    Many Thanks for the reply. Having read through the regulation, I have a further question, as it saids " is only liable on the amount of the gain remitted to the UK". so if sb kept the gain in US account , rather than in UK, does that means no Tax needs to be paid?
  • Foreign Shares - Income and capital gains taxes

    Hi, as the capital gains from sales of US shares will not incur any capital gains tax from US Government, that can also be interpreted as paying 0% capital tax to US. So according to the Dual Tax rule, the people will not be charged twice and pay the lower of the tax between 2 countries. can we interpreted as that any capital gain from share sell in US should pay 0 tax under UK system, so that means, the sale of the US stock should not pay any capital gain tax in UK, please tell whether this interpretation is correct according to the tax law.