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  • Is it mandatory to attach purchasing price to the export documents?

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  • RE: EU-Resident dropshipping in the UK - VAT, Taxes and Custom questions

    Hi Thank you for the response. So it’s between us, the supplier and the fulfilment center to figure out who is the importer, and thus bears the responsibility of registering and comply with regulations? The other parties don’t have to do anything correct? We send the goods to the public, and therefore we don’t have to explicitly state on our store that vat is included or excluded?
  • EU-Resident dropshipping in the UK - VAT, Taxes and Custom questions

    Hello from Denmark First and foremost I find this forum super cool. I have a small online rugstore operating in the UK. We have always had a UK supplier, and they handled all of the VAT issues in the past. Now we are looking to expand our range and found a supplier in Poland. They are willing to dropship to the UK, however, they must include export documents in each shipment and that includes purchasing price which we are not interested in the customer seeing. I found a fulfilment center - also in Poland - who can send directly to the customer from Poland, only service we expect is for them to remove the purchasing price document. Now this leads me to these questions: - Can they remove this particular document which I assume is an invoice, and then send the rug to the customer? - Do I need to register for at VAT number in the UK? - Who is doing the importing? The manufacturer, the fullfilment center or us? What needs to be in place to have everything going by the book? - Can we "hide" the VAT price in the price of the product, or do we need to explicitly specify the customers are paying 20% VAT? I guess more or less what I am asking is, how will such a constallation work? Thank you