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  • Can the equipment for the break room for the director and employees be an allowable expense

    Hi! I have a question about the allowable expenses in a limited company - can the equipment for the break room for the director and employees (for example fridge, microwave, oven) be an allowable expense? Are there any restrictions on what can and cannot be (such as a refrigerator can be an allowable expenses but an oven not)? Can such equipment be allowable expences if the company does not employ employees? Are there any other restrictions? Thank you!
  • RE: VAT Registration Approval Letter

    Hello, I have received a phone call confirmation that my overseas company has been registered for VAT in the UK at the end of January 2023. However, I still haven't received the "VAT Registration Approval" letter. Is it possible to receive the details (VRN and effective date of registration) via email? Is it possible to receive a tracking numer of the mentioned letter so that I can see where it is currently? I will be grateful for your response.
  • Branch in EU

    LTD company has branch in the EU country. Are financial result from the branch have to be added to the Accounts and Tax Return LTD company? How should it be added? Is there any guide on this matter?
  • VAT Registration Approval Letter

    I’m a director of company that is based overseas. My business has been recently registered for VAT in the UK (information confirmed via telephone). I've been informed that due to the changes within the system nowadays the only way to find out about the allocated VAT registration number is to wait for the letter to arrive to Europe. I’ll be in the UK in the nearest future. Is it possible to pick up the letter or receive the information regarding the allocated VAT registration number in person? I will be grateful for your response.
  • RE: Incorrect EORI number

    Hello, thank you for your response. Can you tell me how we can request for change in the entries after we will get a new EORI number? Will we receive a PVA statement after changes in entries?
  • Incorrect EORI number

    As a VAT Agent, I have been checking Customs Declaration Service for my client. There were no available PVA statements. On the customs declaration, I have seen that there was an EORI number that is not connected with the VAT number (the EORI number was issued before registration to VAT in the UK). On documents, there is the VAT number shown. What should we do? Do we need to correct CDS Entry Documents? If so, how we can correct them? How to declare that import on the VAT Return? Should we apply for a new EORI number which will be connected with the VAT number? Could you connect the numbers which are already issued with each other?
  • Calculating turnover

    Company was deregistered from VAT because of low annual turnover. It has already submitted some VAT Returns. Should we include in calculating turnover invoices for services that the company received from businesses in other countries which company needed to ‘reverse charge’? Those invoices were included in submitted VAT Returns.