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  • Self Assessment. Registering Issue.

    Hi, I have been in and out of the country for a few years. I am back and want to register my business and do a self assessment. Everytime I click the passport and drivers licence option when registering it keeps saying there is an issue with it. My licence was renewed around 4 years ago, I am not sure why this is happening. There is a section where it asks for 3 letters but on my licence it has 4 'DVLA' and it keeps rejecting any attempt at signing up. I wan't to do things by the books and properly, but its impossible to even register and get past this stage.
  • Registering my new business.

    Hi there, I am really not sure if I am in the right section but, I have a question regarding what is best to do with my current situation. I have been in and out of the country travelling for a few years now, I regularly am in and out of the U.K. And haven't been employed in the UK for years. I have recently been planning setting up my own business, I have some foreign students who want English lessons online. At first the income won't be a lot, but as this will be being paid into my U.K account I want to go about this the right way. Please could you inform me on the first steps of what I should do? I am assuming set it up with HMRC and register as self employed? I am a tad lost so any advice would be much appreciated. Like I said it really won't be a huge amount of money but as it grows I want to make sure I set it up now.