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  • Service not available

    I was subscribing to CDS for an entity . I confirmed that the business is not subscribed to CDS. I then filled in the relevant details and got the following message: "Sorry, there is a problem with this service" It invited me to try again later and told me that my details have not been saved. Bearing in mind I was subscribing for access to CDS, this is a serious problem as we supply customs importation services to our clients using this EORI and its associated DDA. This needs urgent attention.
  • Mis-attributed EORI Number

    I have recently attempted to enrol a new business for VAT and EORI. As the VAT enrolment process is failing at the final hurdle and is the subject of another thread, I will not elaborate about that particular issue. However, as a temporary solution, I have attempted to obtain a standalone EORI number. When I attempted this, it failed. I subsequently contacted the EORI team and was told that I had an EORI number. What the team had failed to pick up on, was that they had reviewed the account of the company I had emailed them from and not the company I was registering. I have since gone back to them, pointed out their error and asked for them to re-check the reason I cannot set up an EORI for the new company. Luckily, the imperative for this requirement has subsided for now, but I am still awaiting a response. I would like someone from the EORI team to contact me and explain what is preventing me from registering this company. Thanks
  • RE: Multiple issues with VAT Registrations

    If I can make an observation: multiple reports are emerging of problems with your new system. You need to be engaging with us (ie asking for specific details of how this is manifesting itself) and keeping us better informed as it may enable better self-diagnosis of the root-cause and determination of possible solutions. Saying we'll come back after 72 hours suggests uncertainty. Given that we are supporting clients being unable to offer any resolution undermines our credibility too. If this is a random phenomenon, then you should be able to say so. If it is a systemic issue, then you need to be talking to us: you user base, instead of keeping us at arms' length and in the dark.
  • RE: Multiple issues with VAT Registrations

    Thank you. I did attempt this and got the same message: "Sorry this service is unavailable". What do you recommend I try next?
  • Multiple issues with VAT Registrations

    I am a tax agent and I have been attempting to register multiple clients (overseas and UK based), including one of my own companies for VAT and an EORI number. Something has changed since I last registered a client and I now find myself in a situation where all of my applications are being progressed to the very end. When I submit them I get the message: "Sorry this service is unavailable". Having spoken to a number of your agents, it is clear that this is not the case. Why is this happening and what is the long-term solution? I will file paper submissions, but this is retrogressive and a pain to have to do because your system is failing us.