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  • RE: Pushing 4 Months and Still No Refund

    Same problem here. It's an absolute disgrace. The service HMRC provide is disgusting and currently unaccountable. They can't even provide a telephone number now. I suggest contacting your MP.
  • Tearing my hair out with HMRC Refund

    Hi All, I have a refund from HMRC that is now overdue (4 weeks) I'm unable to get past their stupid security questions, even though they have my name, address, DOB, NI, UTR and Refund reference. Having to use the horrid chat as phones are down and I keep being asked (copied from one of many chats with HMRC) "what was the amount of the last refund that HMRC sent you via Self-assessment" Where is this info stored what does it look like? Are they referring to the pdf statements of which I have 2. None of the statements say refunded X amount. I've also tried using the section in my HMRC web account "Payments/credits received" but those figures are not the correct answers. I can't refer to my bank statements because I've changed banks and now that everything is digital I don't have a paper record to refer to (in hind site I should have downloaded the pdf statements) Does anyone have any idea where these refund figures are and what they will be worded or look like? The chat staff are super, super unhelpful and telling me how to find them, and just end the chat! TIA