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  • RE: Register for Self Assessment Online

    Hi Thank you for your reply, now I know to file tax by paper forms. I am able to download all forms except SA100, can you please advise how I can access SA100 form? Thanks again
  • RE: Register for Self Assessment Online

    Hi I just would like to make a further note on HMRC letter dated 18 May, which stating "SA316" at bottom left hand corner of the letter. That may help to refer what letter I received from HMRC. Thanks again Rachel
  • RE: Register for Self Assessment Online

    Hi Thank you very much for your reply. I have received HMRC letter with my UTR provided. As the letter states I can start my return online, I follow steps by steps with my P60 ready. However, upto the stage of "5. Check your return" when don the entry online, I still do not see any section to enter split year. I have checked that I fall into Case 4 (UK home) and Case 5 (start full time job in UK) which should fall into split year. Can you please advise if I mess up entry? For split year, am I required to submit all written forms as the one and only channel when filing tax? If positive, I understand I need to complete SA100, SA109, SA102 and SA106 which please reconfirm if they are correct forms. Looking forward to your advice again. Thanks a lot
  • RE: Register for Self Assessment Online

    Hihi, thank you very much for your reply!
  • Register for Self Assessment Online

    Hi This is my first year of tax filing. I have just registered Self Assessment online as I have foreign bank interest. However, I omitted to state another reason for Spilt Year Treatment which I suppose to do so. What is the remedial action I can take to fill up the Split Year Treatment request? I have stated in UK for more than 183 days and before working in UK from August 2022, I have settled the income tax with Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department for 2021/2022 year. Thanks
  • RE: First Time Filing Tax Return

    Hi Thank you for your reply, much appreciated! I check that I have stayed more than 183 days in UK (from 15 Aug 2022 till 5 Apr 2023 total 234 days). I settled my income tax with Inland Revenue Department for the period of 1 Apr 2021 to 30 Jun 2022 (as my last working day with my former employer) before departure from Hong Kong. Given the above, can you please confirm the income I earned in Hong Kong should not be subject to UK tax? And the split year treatment should be granted for the income I earned in UK from Sep 2022 to Mar 2023 which tax is already deducted under Pay As You Earn, am I still required to declare the income when filing tax with your indication under SA102 Employment? Further my foreign bank interest is less than £2000.00, I will be including the interest details in SA100 box 3. Can you please provide the site in downloading those forms you mentioned? - "Tax return SA100, is submitted along with SA109 (Residence) and any other relevant supplementary page, eg SA102 (employment), SA106 (foreign). " which my foreign interest is less than £2000.00 and details to be declared in SA100 Box 3. Thank you once again and look forward to your reply. Kind regards FKRL
  • First Time Filing Tax Return

    Hi I have moved to UK and started to work in August 2022 till now and this is my first time to file tax. Under 2022/2023 tax year, the salary received is about GBP 19,000 before tax. Apart from PAYE income, I receive foreign bank interest. As a first timer to file tax, I would like to know: 1) What are the steps to file tax? Is it to register UTR first? 2) How to apply Split Year Treatment as I only started to work from August 2022? 3) How to file foreign bank interest? I have already downloaded the exchange rate provided by HMRC. 4) Can the above be submitted online? I have Government Gateway ID created. Thank you very much