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  • Do I need to send self assessment if I only have income from saving interest?

    In the last tax year 2022/23, I was unemployed and I only got income from saving interest but below £5,000. Do I need to send self assessment for my last tax year?
  • Cash gifts/dividends received by unemployed for supporting living and Self Assessment

    My wife and I are BN(O) visa holder. We arrived in the UK on 5 Dec 2022 and have lived in a house since then. In the last tax year (2022/23) in the UK, I received cash gift £2,000 from my brother in Hong Kong. I also got £4,410 dividend from selling the insurance policies in Hong Kong. I transferred these money to my UK bank accounts for supporting our living. My wife also got cash gift HK$50,000 (i.e. ~£5,100) from his sister in Hong Kong. However, she did not transfer the sum to the UK. She retained the money in her Hong Kong bank account for supporting her other family members in Hong Kong. Both of these cash gifts/dividends generated some interests in our bank accounts but within £1,000 for each of us respectively. Both my wife and I were unemployed and had no salary income in the tax year 2022/23 in the UK. While I had salary income when I was in Hong Kong but not for my wife (she is a housewife), may I know if my wife and I are eligible to apply for split-year treatment of the tax year 2022/23? On top of that, based on our case as mentioned above, do we need to do self assessment for the tax year 2022/23? Thanks.