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  • RE: 2022 - 23 Income Tax too high

    Thanks for your response. I have tried to update my annual pension income with the April increase in the HMRC app but when checking after a few days, the original amount still shows. I’ll phone the helpline number in the link you provided and see if the issue can be resolved via that route. Thanks again.
  • 2022 - 23 Income Tax too high

    I retired in December and my works pension is now my sole income. My online Income Tax estimate correctly records that I am receipt of a pension and have no current employment. However, it then states that my estimated income is approximately £97K, and not my pension income total. I have a tax code of SD1 with no Personal Allowance which is resulting in £800 of excess tax being deducted each period. Should this eventually resolve itself before the end of this tax year, which could result in a £10K tax overpayment, or is there any proactive steps I can take to get the situation corrected. Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  • RE: Tax Calculation Letter

    Thanks for your quick response. It’s greatly appreciated. I’ll follow your link and hopefully get the issue resolved.
  • Tax Calculation Letter

    HMRC are sending a copy of my Tax Calculation Letter to an external claims company I used many years ago. This was supposed to be a one-off check which was endorsed by my trade union. I am now retired and would like to know how to stop any personal communications being sent to third parties. Any guidance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.