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  • RE: Covid and "working from home tax relief" - how to claim

    Update on my previous post. I hadn't realised there were two sub-pages for employment, "taxable benefits and expenses" and "employment expenses" - I was looking on the former but the latter has a "Other expenses and capital allowances" for which the help link refers to working from home. I'm sure I'd looked at that page previously, but I was looking for a "covid allowance" box. Thanks for your help Oli
  • RE: Covid and "working from home tax relief" - how to claim

    Thanks for the response, but the only box similar to the one you describe is I think designed for the opposite purpose. I believe you're referring to the "Taxable benefits and expenses" page (subtitled "Employment benefits and expenses - information found on your P11D"). This does not have an "other expenses box" it only has: * "Other benefits (including interest-free and low interest loans)" which is not appropriate * "Expenses payments received and balancing charges" which is for me to declare an expense I've received and comes from P11D N16 Are you saying I should fill in the "Expenses payments received" box with a payment I have not received? I will do that if it's the right thing to do but it feels like I'm then making a fraudulent claim. I have searched on the page for the word "expenses" and there's no other box. There is no "other information" on that box, but there is on the "any other information about this employment" which I will use if I can't get other guidance. I can't believe it's this difficult to make a claim for something that I'd think a large percentage of the population would claim, but I can't find any reference to COVID across the whole of the SA forms (except for correcting an incorrectly paid previous COVID payment). I must be doing something wrong but still don't know what it is.
  • EIS scheme of negligible value

    Over 3 years ago I invested in some EIS schemes, primarily to defer some CGT liability. Some of those schemes have recently become "negligible value" and the shares have been sold by the scheme operator. My interest is claiming loss relief and handling the CGT coming back into charge. My question is, regarding either the CGT or the loss relief, can I defer either of these so that I can manage them as though the event happened in future years (ie submit the claim as part of a future self assessment return)? My problem is that the total CGT for all the schemes that terminated this year is over my CGT allowance for the year, and the amount of loss relief I can claim is greater than my income tax payment, so if I have to handle both of them in one year for all schemes I'll have to pay CGT and lose out on loss relief. Thanks, Oli