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  • RE: Bonus clawback - where to log this on self assessment

    Hi DK17632 I am the original poster, I eventually managed to speak to a representative at HMRC on this topic and they expressed that it isn't a wholly clear. I am in a similar situation whereby the bonus paid back is greater than the amount I earned for the tax year from the Employer (1). I did however receive a sign-on bonus from my new Employer (2). They recommended I assign a proportion of the bonus payback amount to Employer 1 to take it to zero, and the remainder I apportion to Employer 2. They also suggested attaching all the relevant documentation and a letter explaining approach taken. Hope that helps.
  • Bonus clawback - where to log this on self assessment

    My previous employer paid a bonus in 2022 - 100% of it went into my pension (by error but not sure this is relevant). I terminated employment a few weeks later and as a result was required to pay back the bonus. As I was unable to access the money in my pension, this was paid back out of savings. I carried on with employment for a further 3 months (notice period). From HMRC guidance/examples EIM00842 - EIM00845, I can see that I am entitled to credit/repayment for the tax deducted under PAYE - however what is not clear is where I input this information in the self assessment, and whether the calculation is in reference to my taxable earnings from the previous employer (which would make it a loss and therefore fall under loss relief) or against taxable earnings as whole for the 2022-23 year? Guidance would be appreciated. Thanks