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  • Employer allowance

    Hi, I would be really grateful if you could help me with the following case: Company A: shareholder A 33.33%, shareholder B 33.33% and shareholder C 33.33%. They are not connected. Company B: Shareholder - holding company 100% Holding company is owned by shareholder A 50% and shareholder B 50% As per my understanding they are not under the same control, but company A and company B would be connected through substantial commercial interdependence (common premises, common equipment, common management). Can we claim employment allowance for both companies?
  • CT instalments

    Hi, I have a question regarding Corporation tax quarterly instalment payments. For the year ended 28.02.2021 company A made a taxable profit in excess of £1.5mln. For the year ended 28.02.2020 it did not exceed £1.5mln threshold. In September 2021 company A became 100% owned by the holding company B. Does it mean that the annual adjusted threshold is: £1.5 million/2=£750000 for the year ending 28.02.2022 even if the company joined the group in the middle of the year?
  • VAT selling through marketplace

    Hello, Could you please help me with the following transaction: Overseas company registered for VAT in the UK sold goods to UK via marketplace worth less than £135. Goods located overseas. Do they need to show this transaction on UK VAT return or is it outside the scope of UK VAT and should be treated as export on their domestic VAT return overseas?
  • Dividend income

    Hi, If the director/shareholder who is not resident in the UK receives dividend from UK company does he need to declare it on SA? Please note that director does not have NIN and
  • business expense

    Hi. The company purchased a van which is used by director for business purposes. Director keeps the van at his personal garage when it is not used. Recently director purchased new garage door and flooring. Can the company claim it as a business expense?
  • subcontractor right to work check

    Hi. I am aware of right to work check for employees but I cannot find any information relating to CIS subcontractors. So if the company hires CIS subcontractors do they have to check their settlement status?
  • English course expenses

    Hi, Our client LTD company reimbursed its employee for English course and English test. An employee is actually a director of the company and is working as a doctor. Can we claim it as a business expense?
  • VAT on sale

    Hi. Our company is VAT registered business in the UK. We sell goods to UK company which is also VAT registered in UK and Poland. Goods are bought and sent directly from Lithuania. Customer does not want to pay UK VAT when goods delivered to their warehouse in Poland as they quote their Polish VAT number. There were no complications on bre-brexit transactions as we were able to zero rate sale. As the goods never enter UK does it mean that the sale takes place outside of UK VAT even if the invoice is raised to UK company? Please note that when the goods are delivered to their UK warehouse we always charge UK VAT.