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  • Claiming working from home expenses from previous employer

    Hi! I'm currently filling in my tax return for 2021-2022 for my sole trader business. Until July 2021 my self employment was part time and I was also employed by another company part time, so was on their payroll. I would like to claim working from home expenses at the £6 per week rate for my previous paid employment, which I believe would cover the entire tax year 2020-2021, then part of the tax year of 2021-2022. I left the paid employment in July of 2021 and I'm no longer on their payroll. I understand that I need to claim for the working from home expenses via my self assessment and that this can be done by filling in the section "Other expenses and capital allowances" under employment expenses. My questions regarding this are as follows: 1. I worked three days a week as an employee and the remainder of the week was spent self-employed. Can I still claim the flat rate of £6 per week in the employment section, or do I need to differentiate between the two somehow? 2. Do I simply work out what the total expense for the year would be and put the figure in the box under "Other expenses and capital allowances"? Does this automatically calculate it/register the claim? 3. To claim for the entire year of 2020-2021, do I need to update my previous tax return with this information and re-submit? If so, what can I expect the turnaround time to be for processing this? 4. My understanding is that if I had claimed while still employed then the amount owed would have been adjusted via the PAYE. How would this expense be paid to me now that I'm fully self-employed? I'll be grateful for any guidance you can offer, thanks!