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  • self-assessment test

    I came to the UK in June 2022 via BNO Visa and become the tax resident at the time I arrived UK. I did security trading during the taxable year of 2022-2023 but with capital loss. When I am doing the "check if you need to submit a tax return for self - assessment" test, I have the following to clarify: 1) Question 3 of the test asking "Did you earn more than £1,000 from working for yourself?", May I know what kind of income (e.g. dividend income, interest income, capital gain, Foreign exchange and any others?) counting in this £1,000? 2) Also, if I have capital loss or foreign exchange loss, can I use it to off set the income from dividend, interest? 3) Question 9 of the test asking "Do you need to pay tax on any of the following?", there is an option of "Income from outside the UK", May I know what kind of income it is talking about? 4) If I am not sure the exact earning or income at the moment, should I register for the self-assessment first? If eventually I know I don't need to submit a tax return for self-assessment, do I need to inform HRMC and how?