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  • RE: Split year treatment start date of UK part

    Hi HMRC, I am afraid that CGT is not my focus. May you tell my understanding on split year treatment above is correct or not?
  • RE: Split year treatment start date of UK part

    Hi HMRC, Thanks for information. Please help indicate if I am wrong on understanding the guidance. When multiple cases applies, 1. If case 6 applies, then check whether case 5 applies, and pick the earliest one 2. Case 7 applies only when case 6 not applicable. 3. Consider case 4,5,8 when case 6&7 not applicable So for my situation , I need to focus case 6 &5 and my wife needs to focus on 6 only (as she were unemployed), am I correct?
  • RE: Split year treatment start date of UK part

    Hi HMRC, Thanks. Case 4 does not apply to me, I still have my own property overseas, which not being sold and let. My question on previous post is because my wife quitted her full time job and entered UK in Sep, and not employed for any jobs, I would like to work out our uk part start date correctly. For me , I match case 5,6 and 8 and my wife matches case 6 and 8. Back to my previous question, are the UK part start at the earliest date among the cases? And there is no need to consider the date of entering UK ?
  • Split year treatment start date of UK part

    Hi HMRC, I have read the pages of split year treatment, but still have something unclear. I list my situation in chronological order 1. Rent a flat on 15 July, (case 8) 2. Quit my full time job in overseas on 19 July (case 6) 3. Enter UK and live in the flat in point 1 on 22 July 4. Start my full time job in UK on 10 Dec. (Case 5) There is a table in I am confused that I have matched the row case 6 & case 5 and row case 5 & case 8. When there are multiple cases match, the start date will depend on the order of row, i.e. (case 6 &5 > case7 & 5 > case 4,5,&8) or the earliest date from cases4-8 ? Is there any priority between case4-8?
  • RE: Split year on foreign income

    Hi, Thanks for your reply. I have a follow up question, my wife has a different situation, - she got a home at UK on 15 July 2021, and split year start on this date under case 8. - she worked until mid September and enter to UK at end of September. Will her July to September payments (her salaries) also be classed as income prior to arrival and doesn't need to report? And the other income (eg. Interest and dividend) and capital gain (by selling stock shares) should be reported from the date 15 July 2021 to end of September, even she arrived UK later than the income arised, am I correct?
  • Split year on foreign income

    Hi, I rented a home on 15 July 2021, and arrive UK from Hong Kong on 22 July 2021, I know under the case 8, the split year start on 15 July. I left my job on 19 July, and received salary after arrived UK. How do I report/calculate my UK part of salary? As I have job in UK afterward, This part of salary falls in taxable income. And there was also pension, do I need to report it in this year, or report it at the year I retrieve from pension company.
  • Is it a taxable foreign income

    I am from Hong Kong and is a tax resident. Hong Kong Government has a consumption voucher scheme. I was eligible to have it during the tax year. I would like to know whether it is a taxable income, and how to I report in self assessment. Thanks.