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  • How long can I receive NRL number

    Hi HMRC, I bought a property in Uk and I am now live in China. I want to let the property ,so I registered NRL in Feburary this year. I sent NRL1 form to HMRC in EMS and it seems that the form has been received according to EMS website. I have waited for almost 2 months but do not receive any reply. Calling is too expensive for me, I want to know if there is any other ways that I can know the registration results and get my NRL number? Looking forward to your reply Thank you.
  • Property income tax - Agent, How long will I get approved of the of AML supervision?

    Dear HMRC, We are in the process of registering an accounting firm which mainly helps non-resident landloard to submit their self-assessment tax return on property income. Now we are in the process of AML supervision. We have replied all the emails and paid the relevant fees on 27 Feburary 2023. Untill now, we have been waiting for more than 30 days and the registration status is still "Application pending". I have no idea about when to get approved of AML supervision and go to the next step of application? Really confused what to do next. Looking forward to your reply, thank you .
  • RE: Registration NRL

    Hi,Ms / Mr Thanks for your reply. Now I know I only have to fill NRL1. And I also want to make sure that after I mailed NRL1 to HMRC, How long will I got my NRL number? Will the UTR number mailed to me at the same time when I got my NRL number? Thank you.
  • RE: Registration NRL

    Hi, I have the same confusion. So, Is that means that after my first application for NRL1, the UTR will automatically be mailed to me as I do not have one before and do not need to complete SA1 as your reply. Looking forward to your reply and many thanks!
  • Do I need to declare tax for previous years ?

    Hi, I am a foreign landlord and live in China. I received UK rental income for several years and my UK Estate Agent have deducted 20% tax for me for the rent received these years. I have successfully got my NRL in October last year. I am comfused if I have to submit tax return for the previous years or I can only submit tax return for the year 2022-2023 and forwards? Looking forward to your reply, thank you.
  • RE: Where is my tax return

    Hi, I have similar questions as yours. As far as I know ,the reply from HMRC is quite slow. I am also a non-resident. I just got my NRL recently and not sure about submiting UK tax return for the year 2021-2022 or I have to submit tax return for the previous years ?