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  • Non Resident test

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  • RE: Tax on overseas income

    Thats is definitely not what I was looking for. All I need to understand is factual technical tax implications of the options. Perhaps I should have rephrased it as follows Will I be considered non resident for tax purpose under option 1 and 2 ? If I am not considered non resident for tax purposes csn i claim relief for rent and other overseas expenses paid ? Sure these are technical tax questions. I am NOT asking for advice on the best option just their respective tax implications
  • RE: Tax on overseas income

    Thank you but I am not asking you to advice which option is best. I wanted to know in simple terms the practical implications of both options
  • Tax on overseas income

    Hi All. I got a job in the Middle East this year and moved out of the UK on 28 March 22. Since then I have been working in the Middle East but have visited my family in the UK for a total of 39 days to date. Due to health reasons I am considering moving back to the UK in Jan 23. If this happens I would take up employment with a UK employer from 1 Feb 23. I have 2 options Option 1 - Move to the UK in Late Jan 23 and start work with the UK employer from 1 Feb. This would mean that I have spent more than 91 days in the UK in tax year 22/23. Does that mean my full overseas income would become taxable even though I had to move back due to health reasons? Will I get any relief for the overseas rent and other expense paid when living abroad? Option 2 - Accept employment with the UK employer but continue to work from abroad for the months of Feb and March for the UK employer such that I have spent under 91 days in total in the UK in tax year 22/23 and less than 31 days working the UK. But I will be on the UK employers payroll for 2 months of Feb 23 and March 23. Will option 2 make me non resident for tax in 22/23? Much appreciate some guidance