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  • RE: Bank Repayment Pending

    Has anyone actually had there money yet from filing from approx hmrc are a joke people need the money that they are owed or what’s the point in paying tax the country are happy to hand out money to the sponges of the county but can’t do it to the people that actually are due it
  • RE: Bank Repayment Pending

    Don’t understand how I’ve been waiting for 17th April to be told 6weeks extra security checks to still no further forward just get our money in the bank pure joke
  • RE: Self assessment tax refund

    Everytimr I ring I get fobbed off with different days got told to ring after 6 weeks then an extra 2 which then the phone lines had been shut off because apparently they arnt that busy which I got told by the customer service phone line then I spoke to some on the online chat said it had gone up to 10 weeks which takes me to the 26th of June really don’t know how hard it is to process a payment like
  • RE: Bank Repayment Pending

    My repayment pending hasn’t changed since the 17th April got told the 6 week security checks was happening then would be another 2 after that for payment to hit the bank still waiting every time you ring I get fobbed off with different excuses there’s been no letters nothing in this time but yet if you owe them 20pence they bombard you with letters