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  • RE: Sending SA109

    Thank you for your answer. Mostly it is clear, but as far as submitting a 2023-24 tax return is concerned: do I need to? I will be paying tax and social security in Spain as of April 2023. Thanks again in advance for your answer. Best regards
  • Will I get my tax refunded when I become tax resident in Spain?

    Hi there, just completed tax return for 2022-2023. I am tax resident in Spain from April 2023 so will I get a refund on my anticipated payments for the year 2023-2024 as I will not be tax resident in the UK any more?
  • RE: SA-109 Residency.

    Hi, I am going to complete the return online, and will send the SA109 by post. Will that be OK? Thanks
  • Sending SA109

    I have just moved to Spain and am now registered here for tax and social security purposes, and have residency. I have just completed a tax return to HMRC for the year 2022-2023. As expected, I have to pay partial amounts for the following years' tax. As I am now resident in Spain (and will shortly be sending the SA109 Form), will I get the partial amounts reimbursed? I believe I have to send Form SA109 by post, is that correct? Many thanks in advance for your answer.
  • SA-109 Residency.

    Hi, I am currently living in Spain and am just filing what will probably be my last HMRC self-assessment tax return. I understand that I must send an SA-109 residency form. Can I send this from Spain? Thanks.