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  • RE: link for tax return

    thanks i will write to them tomorrow
  • link for tax return

    I usually do tax return early around April, I went on today to find there is no link for me to file my self assessment return, this I my last one due to the fact that I no longer let out my property I have, it has been sold and currently going through the sale process. I did go online and end my self employment on my account; maybe this is why there is no link to file a return.
  • RE: end self assessment

    Ok I see , when my tenants moved out on the 11th of December , I moved in for 2 reasons , 1 because it needed repairs and re-painting and 2 because I didn't want to leave it empty while i still owned it , does me living thee now make any difference to the amount of tax I pay on the sale
  • RE: end self assessment

    Hi thanks for the reply, I have done about 2 weeks ago explaining that i no longer let the property out , I am yet to receive a response , can I put my solicitors fees and estate agent fees against my last payment as my outgoings from my property because it came out of my earning when I sold the property
  • end self assessment

    I wrote to HMRC recently and informed them that I no longer use my property as a rental, so my self assessment will end on the 11th of December, they replied buy saying i have to pay £630.85 by January and £680,35 in April , i have even been online and filled the form in to end my self employment , but it still says on my self assessment online , that i have to pay twice this year , I should only own from last April up until December 11th