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  • RE: Capital Gain from foreign stocks

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  • RE: Capital Gain from foreign stocks

    Thank you very much. I have one more question that is I bought the buy to let property in the UK all by cash but the cash came from remortgage cash release from another property in my home country which is also mine. I need to pay mortgage interest charged on my local property every month to my local bank. Can I claim finance cost relief of this mortgage interest payment? The tricky thing is the mortgage is not directly charged on my UK buy to let property but I did use all remortgage cash from another property to buy UK property. Could you advise if I can use the mortgage interest as finance cost when I file tax return? Thank you.
  • RE: Capital Gain from foreign stocks

    Thank you for replying. And I have a further question. I used letting agent to collect my rental income and I was approved of NRL. The tenant started paying rent from 13 May 2022 and all rent incoming now is saved in my property account which is held by letting agent so that I have not received any rent payment in my bank account. First question is if I do not intend to receive any rental profit until the end of 2023. Do I need to file the tax return for the year 2022-2023? Second question is if how HMRC decide on what basis the landlord should submit self assessment. On the basis of rent actually received to landlords bank account or received by letting agent? Thank you.
  • Capital Gain from foreign stocks

    Hi there, I am a non-resident landlord trying to apply the NRL. However, I sold my shares in the tax year and the profit has been paid to my UK bank account which I opened several years ago when I was studying in the UK. I used sterling to do trading but the shares I bought and sold are US and Hongkong shares and the trading app is also developed by US. It was just profit paid into UK bank account. I was wondering if I need to declare the profit when I apply the NRL and self assessment? Thank you.