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  • RE: Payment on accounts

    Hi, Recently, i got an amendment which is deducted some for allowance. The amount is changed and i can see it for my tax bill by 31 Jan 2024 only. But the breakdown of SA302 is not matched with this updated amount, old record for 1st and 2nd payment. Please advise if i need to call HMRC for confirmation or just follow and do the payment based on updated amount? Thanks
  • RE: Payment on accounts

    Hi If i'm not self-employed anymore which was ceased in Jan 2023 and also next year: 6 April 2023 to 5 April 2024, do i still need to pay the 2nd payment by 31 July 2024 as an advance payment? Thanks
  • RE: Payment on accounts

    More...That is from my SA302 calculation: Estimated payment due by 31 January 2024 You must pay the total of any tax and class NI due for 2022-23 plus first payment on account due for 2023-24 by 31 January 2024 (Note: 2nd payment of...... due 31 July 2024) This amount does not take into account any 2022-23 payments on account you may have already made 1/ 2022-23 balancing payment ...... 2/ 1st payment on account for 2023-24 due 31 January 2024 ...... 1/ + 2/ Total due by 31 January 2024...... My question is, i think the total amount is 1/ 2022-2023 balancing payment but why it has 1/ + 2/ total due ? and why it has 2nd payment of...... due 31 July 2024?
  • Payment on accounts

    As a sole trader and finished the self assessment, it shows the amount on the breakdown( including income tax and NI ) i need to pay by 31Jan 2024 which suppose the total amount already. However i can see the 2nd payment due 31 July 2024, i don't understand what is the 2nd payment for? Is it kind of prepayment?