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  • RE: Tax refund to Agen

    My husband, who is severely dyslexic, has got caught up in a contract with Brooksdale, he doesn't think he ever signed anything. The first he ever heard of them was several weeks ago in a letter from HMRC, saying his refund cheque was being sent to Brooksdale. A phone call to HMRC informed him he had allegedly given his permission for them to act on his behalf, and they couldn't cancel it! Then a text arrived from Brooksdale asking for his bank details to claim his refund, minus their 48% fee. When he eventually got through to Brooksdale, they said they could not cancel the contract until all on-going claims were cleared, and that there was another claim on-going. Just 2 days ago he received another text from Brooksdale with a link to their revised terms and conditions (we have never seen a copy of their unrevised terms and conditions for comparison). This states that on signing, you have a 14 day cooling off period in which you can change your mind. This only works if you know you've signed up in the first place! The vast majority of complaints I have seen anywhere, (and I have looked everywhere, not just on this forum) are about people being unaware they have signed. HMRC advised my husband to call their Fraudline, which he did. He then called Brooksdale and told them. Lo and behold within a few hours he received an e-mail saying that they (Brooksdale) had drafted a letter to HMRC asking them to remove their deed of assignment, and that he would also have to write to HMRC asking them to do the same, as HMRC need to see that both parties agree to the cancellation. So, he got a result, and will now try to get the other 48% of his tax rebate back from Brooksdale. This is his money, he earned it and overpaid it, and he would have got it back eventually anyway, without Brooksdales interference. The way these companies work is underhand and borderline fraudulent! They should be made to pay back every penny. Actually , I can see the advertisement now! " Have you ever had a tax claim made on your behalf that you were unaware you asked for? If so tick here []. " And so it goes on.